Are Artists No Longer Making Music???

Are Tik Tok and Reality TV reconditioning & repurposing musical artists into dramatic publicity stunts and 15 second Instagram reels?

Apparently someone has taken the primary urban music genres and scrambled it to make a hideous new anger infested extra messy type pseudo-musical specimen. With the growth of social media we begin to see far less music (especially & particularly of any notable quality)… & yet more & more physical fights, publicized murders, feeds infested w/family feuds, political outbursts, exposing of private affairs, sexual preferences, legal proceedings, online bickering & “beefs”… pretty much anything as non music related as possible. This drama filled non musical narrative was popularized in the 1960s with the release of gangsta rap fueling the east vs west coast vendettas. Little did we know, it was all a sinister plot to corrupt the minds of our youth with senseless violence combined with a lack of conflict resolutions skills… all while being entrenched within a vicious poverty stricken environment with minimal to no parental guidance whatsoever. Alas… we look to mad venom spewing musicians to lead & guide us into some type of success.

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I choose joy & happiness above negativity & pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it. Love it. And also project this through out my creativity.

There are many variations of activities that are drawing artists away from creating music. Some are actually refreshing & productive diversions from the norm! Many musicians have sidelined their musical careers to pursue careers as influencers, activists, CEO’s of their very own brands, etc. So not all distracted musical artists have fallen to the dark side of the force. Some have merely sought new ways to supplement their (severely record label leeched) incomes

I am angry! I hate positive energy! I love sabotaging whole communities! I only care about me & mines! Fk every one else!

Distracted Musical Artist

The low quality (as well as the type) of content presented by many of today’s artists (particularly on social media) is a direct indicator to the sad state of affairs in today’s urban music industry. People’s personal & private matters have become the primary currency & produce of trade… & the messier the better. Album releases & music in general has taken a severe back stage demotion as we propel people’s trauma & pain to the forefront for entertainment & carnivorously greedy public consumption.

Children are stripped of their youth

Many babies are being thrust into the limelight as tokens of entertainment in exchange for lack of musical presentation. While other babies are ingesting the toxicity of todays music / entertainment industry.

Lavish luxurious lying lifestyles

Another distraction from the art is flashing bright flashy lifestyles only to be stripped of those very same frivolous materials upon the slightest alteration of economic climate.