A REAL Influencer

As far as authenticity goes, not many influencers compare to Glow Princess. She holds the title as one of the rawest most genuine Trail Blazers in the beauty, fashion & foodie industries.

As an insider to the fashion, beauty & foodie industries, Glow Princess brings forth a futuristic style long before they become picked up on the radar as new & trending.

Looking for the future in fashion? Maybe some new beauty tips? Or even just the hottest, best tasting & most luxurious dining experiences in L.A. (or world-wide)? Look no further. This Princess has ALL the Glow!

And she’ll let you know exactly where to find it!

There is no sincerer love than the love of food.

As far as being a foodie goes, Glow Princess is far more than an influencer. No one indulges in finer dining nor more brilliant brunches. The eloquent presentations placed upon platters throughout her blogs and social sites are a testiment to prestigious palette and culinary excellence!

All of her beauty, fashion & foodie presentations are candid, direct, very in-depth and injected with humor.

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