Tresses Connaisseur

ANewPretty knows all too well that finding high quality hair influencers and famous hair stylists on Youtube & Instagram can be difficult. However, with little effort, Glow Princesss is easily 1 of the most Authentic & Influential Youtube & Instagram Hair Influencers of all time.

While some influencers accounts may be private, Glow Princesss keeps her mentions open to being found easily by new followers searching for keywords related to hair (such as “water wave” or “lace front wig”) and her captions are known for including the specific hashtags, vendor & products as seen in her high quality images & videos.

Glow Princesss‘s fashionista style & visual expertise are next generation & super diverse… therefore always free from blandness & repetition. All of her videos are very entertaining, demonstrational & injected with humor.

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There is no sincerer love than the love of hair.

As a brand, you can find not only a relevant influencer in Glow Princesss but also a marketing genius who is always using a custom approach which will not only showcase your brand in creative and most luxurious light… but at the same time help you reach a broader “buying” audience… thus achieving your marketing goals quicker.

Are you ready to win? …or quit? Winners never quit, and quitters never win

We have seen the rise & fall of many brands. We’ve seen a lot of influencers come & go. Glow Princesss has stood the test of time remaining grounded in authenticity. All while never losing a drip of super futuristic sauce. This is 1 influencer you can bet your bottom dollar on!